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Tools for a just city

Vancouver needs a form of development that is appropriate for the communities where the projects are being built. I have previously written about the idea of inclusionary zoning and bench marking a certain amount of units to the median income of a community as a method of ensuring that there is a tangible and real […]

SFU Professor Mark Jaccard to block the rails in White Rock to stop a coal shipment

Just in from Stopcoal.ca For Immediate Release: May 3 2012 Mark Jaccard, Canada’s leading energy-environment economist, released the following public statement today in support of the citizen action to stop BNSF coal trains at White Rock BC this Saturday, May 5.  Full details on this act of civil disobedience at stopcoal.ca/Action Dr Jaccard is a […]

Season Greetings, Happy Holidays and Peace out.

Alden Habacon recipient of 2010 Power of Peace medal

Alden Habacon at a dinner at the YMCA Robert Lee Building on Tuesday November 23 was awarded the Power of Peace medal. Alden Habacon is described in in his nomination for the Local and International Peacemaker award in the following way: “Alden is a peacemaker in the most active sense of the term. He engages […]

Are carbon credits the new indulgence?

There’s no getting around it, the richer one is – the bigger the carbon footprint. Wealth inextricably leads to consumption, which in turn increases one’s ecological impact on the planet. The rich live in bigger houses, drive bigger cars, consume more goods and travel more frequently than those less wealthy. A recent study by the […]

Put the gun up on the rack, co-existing with coyotes is possible.

Way back on January 23, on a Saturday afternoon, I attended a community forum at the Dunbar Community Centre about co-existing with coyotes in urban environments. The community dialogue was hosted by the Vancouver Park Board and The Ecological Society of Stanley Park. Park Board Commissioner Loretta Woodcock organized the forum to educate community members […]

Baby forced into political action by mean policies of PM

I was not able to attend the rally for a national housing plan last Saturday, but by all accounts it was a success. It was well attend and so peaceful and well run that there is not even one media account about it. Here is a report of the rally on theWERAwebsite. Before the rally […]

Vancouver Housing Authourity, how we will create affordabilty

How will Vancouver maintain its high quality of life if it loses its affordability? People from all over the world relocate in Vancouver. The city has a spectacular setting, situated in the valley of the Coastal Mountains, but increasingly Vancouver is becoming less affordable. The change in affordability is also going to affect the diversity […]

The right to the city

The Right to the City: Housing, Homelessness and the 2010 Olympics A Public Forum Hosted by the Impact on Communities Coalition Monday, November 23, 2009 7:00 – 9:00 pm Fletcher Challenge Theatre, SFU Harbour Centre Reverend Ric Matthews, First United Church Christine Ackermann, West End Residents Association Wendy Pederson, Carnegie Community Action Project Nathan Edelson, […]

The Dr. Peter Centre in the West End

The Dr. Peter Centre (DPC) is located on the corner of the Mole Hill Community Housing block. The block of renovated heritage houses consists of 178 units and is home to 300 tenants with mixed income levels. In the alley between the heritage homes is a community garden with 70 plots. On Comox St. on […]